Going Through the Hard Times

Posted: February 17, 2014 in Basketball
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     Hard Times

          “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” by Charles Dickens in a book that is called “A Tale of Two Cities.” This quote means that people or groups of people struggle at times and sometimes succeed at another times. The most important when struggling is to stay strong and to keep your head high and to fight threw whatever you are going through.

For professional or beginner basketball players, this also happens to them; they struggle and sometimes succeed. For example when you lose many games in a row, basketball players tend to put your head down and give up. Well, this is a bad habit. You need to stay strong and practice harder to win the next game. This exactly happened to the Lakers because last year they were about to not go to the playoffs, but they kept their confidence and made it. Unfortunately, they lost in the first round.

When you succeed in a basketball league or season, you need to keep that streak and not to become over confident. For example two years ago the lakers had won two straight in a row championships. The following year they almost did not go to the play-offs because of their over confidence. Remember that when you fail at anything, get right back up and pretend it never happened and try harder next time. When you succeed, you never want to rub it into someone’s face because you will get over confident and struggle like what happened to the Lakers.


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