San Antonio Spurs

Perhaps there is no team in professional sports that has demonstrated better team chemistry over the last decade than the San Antonio Spurs. They have Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, and their head coach Gregg Popovich, who has been their coach for over ten years. These players show how other players should play, they are truly the role models of the NBA and how all young athletes should aspire to be like. Parker, Duncan, and Ginobili combined have a thirty-six year experience in San Antonio. Out of the big three, Tim Duncan stood out the most because with his 15 years experience playing basketball in this team enabled the team to win many championships these past years. With the addition of several key role players, Duncan is still playing at an All-Star level, even though he is getting old. Since 1998 to today, he has been averaging above 1000 points every season. In his overall NBA career he scored 24,747, which is pretty good for a person who is playing a center position. For rebounding, he has averaged above 600 rebounds each year and in his total NBA career, he has 13,855 rebounds, which is really good for a big. Basically, Tim Duncan is the heart of this team and if it wasn’t for him, this team wouldn’t always be in the “hunt” each and every season to win the title. To show how well this team’s chemistry is, they lead in the NBA with a 25.6 per game assists, and not a single one of the Spurs’ players averaged in the top 15 top NBA scorers–they all score equally.

In high school basketball, team chemistry doesn’t really matter in the long run, because you only have four years with your teammates to get along with each other. The players are only thinking about themselves to show coach who is the best and showing colleges. However, short-term, during a long season, team chemistry is very important. To all the players that aren’t that skilled in basketball, helping to build team chemistry could be a role you could adopt; which will greatly help any team. Some people are lucky because they might already have a team that has good team chemistry. If you do, then you should keep it up and you will certainly see many games won and eventually you will win the championship. For more information, check out my other blog post about team chemistry because it teaches how to increase your team’s chemistry.

Not only in basketball you see team chemistry, but you certainly see it in the groups that your classmates make. Obviously, you can’t have team chemistry for groups in school because it is probably only a one day thing or at most a few weeks for a group project. While you are in a group, you guys should help each other find the answer and that will raise your friendship. If this group thing is a month thing, than this is different. In my english class, our teacher made us make groups with other people to talk about the book we are reading, The Count of Monte Cristo. This thing will take at least a month and he gives us at least twenty questions to answer. In my group, we split up the questions and everyone did the same amount. Then that night, everyone went online and we had a google hangout where we talked and communicated on the answers we got for each question. As you all can see, my group collaborated with each to get something done on time; just like how teammates help eachother on the court get the ball in the basket to win games. Like in basketball a team needs to cooperate and communicate with each other to get something done for example: to ultimately win the championship.

  1. xyzis3d says:

    It’s the formula that Popovich created. move around share the ball. He also instills a trust in his team that not many can do.

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