How to Perform CPR

Posted: June 8, 2014 in Basketball, Medical
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CPR is really important skill to have in the future because you don’t know when an emergency like this will happen. It could be one of your loved ones or a random person. It is important to always be prepared in these type of situations. You don’t have to be a certified instructor to actually teach CPR or perform the Heimlich maneuver. When doing CPR on someone, you always check if the person is unresponsive by saying, “Are you Okay,” and by shaking them on the shoulder.


If there is no response, shout for help and Call 911. While the ambulance is coming start performing CPR. The very first step on performing CPR is to open the airway for the person on the floor. You do this by lifting the chin gently with one hand while pushing down on the forehead with hand to tilt the head back.


Closed Airways                                                                                      




Open Airways 

The next step on performing CPR is to check if they are breathing by putting your cheeks above their mouth and looking toward their chest to see if the chest is rising. The picture below is what you should do.




If you want to blow air into the persons mouth, you first put your mouth in their mouth and blow two times and then start doing chest compressions. You do this every minute after 100 chest compressions.You don’t need to do this, you only need to do chest compressions until help arrives. I only recommend this if you know the person because you don’t know what the other person has.




Next, if they are not breathing, you start to perform chest compressions. You start by kneeling next to the victim near his or her chest. With the middle and forefingers locate where the bottom rims of the rib cage meet in the middle of the chest. Next, place the palm of your hand on the sternum, which is located in between the nipples. Then place your other hand on top of the other that is in position. Make sure you don’t put your fingers in the chest wall. The best way to prevent this is to interlock your fingers together. Then, keeping your arms straight, press downward and push hard and fast. After counting to 30, stop, but don’t remove your hand from the sternum, but do allow the chest to return to its normal position between compressions. You need to do chest compressions 100 times per minute. Always avoid interruptions in chest compressions to prevent blockage of blood flow. You keep on doing this until help arrives.




As I said before, it is really important to learn how to perform cpr because it can come in handy sometimes. I recommend that everyone should know how to do it. There are many classes online if you want to be a classified instructor and there is a club in school called American Red Cross or American Heart Association that will help you become a certified CPR instructor. Please watch this helpful video form youtube to teach you how to perform CPR.


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