Some teams have many plays and some run a basic motion offense with no set plays. In my team’s case, we have many plays, especially those for inbounding baseline scenarios. There are three offensive plays we utilize to break down a zone defense, and also an additional three more to weave through a man-to-man defense. For simplicity sakes, so that no one is confused during the game, our coach has all of our plays in order with a number, or has them categorized by color. Another way to memorize plays is to use acronyms. We don’t use acronyms because it is hard to say it in games and it is harder to remember, especially when we play away games, and the opposing teams crowd is very loud. The best way is to use basic colors such as black, white, red, etc.

Not only do we use colors or acronyms to remember things in basketball; but also we utilize this technique when it comes to school. We use acronyms for school to study and to memorize things. I find that making mnemonics is essential if for surviving a biology exam, or a vocabulary test in English. One example in English class is that we us this acronym called “SCOUT,” which is used for analyzing books. SCOUT stands for Specific, Comparison, Organization, Unusual, Theme. Remembering the word SCOUT is much easier to say and to remember.  Not only are these used in basketball and in school; they are also used in every day routine in every profession in order to be more efficient and remember things much easier.


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