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In basketball every team needs teamwork to win championships. One player can’t win by him or herself. They need the team ti help. My coach had a saying that a fist makes a team and the fingers make up the players. You you make  fist, no team can break it apart because of how much chemistry you have. Also being a selfish player will never bring you far in life. You want to share the ball with your teammates. Think of others as yourself, like treat them like a team instead of yourself.

In a samurai movie, the villagers were being attacked by barbarians. They stood together like a fist and built walls to protect themselves and prepared for the worst. They cooperated with each other and the end they fought off the invaders. Even during harvest season, the village, mostly girls worked with each other to pick up all the wheat from the ground. Here is a video of top 10 teamwork plays of 2009.











In basketball you always want to prepare ahead of time because you don’t know what team you are going to face. Even though you might have played a team previously and won, you still need to prepare in order to have the right mindset. Preparing before a game doesn’t mean a day before, it means that you prepare while you are at practice a week in advance. There are many ways to prepare for your opponent. For example, listening to your coach, knowing all your plays, going hard, and always focusing. Additionally, you should be reviewing all the plays with your teammates daily, so that everyone knows their role come game day. Besides the on court preparation, any athlete should also eat healthy things that will give them energy for the next day. These foods include high protein and carbohydrate contents such as, bananas, eggs, spaghetti, pasta, fruits, and vegetables. By doing all these things before your next game, you will see a difference in your performance in any sport.

Not only you need to prepare for a basketball game, but also you need to prepare before a test. A week before winter break, we had an English test and that we had to prepare for because it was going to be very difficult. Our test was on Tale of Two Cities. Obviously, we had to prepare for this test week before because we needed to read the book and take thorough notes. Each day I would re-read as much as possible, while taking extensive notes, and then going over my notes continuously. This approach to a difficult exam could be applied to any situation in life. In life you need to prepare for many things, for example weeding days, going to college, getting a job, etc. If you prepare many months before you will be more likely to succeed in your endeavors.


     Dexter Strickland, J.P. Primm, Quinard Jackson   In the tale of two cites, The Royals doesn’t notice the peasants suffering (Defense). Then the royals end up getting killed.

         A turnover in basketball is when the opposing team gains possession of the ball from the team originally in possession of the ball. This can be done by a pass being intercepted, a pass being stolen, or offensive foul.

In basketball a lot of players get turnovers and coaches hate it. When a turnover happens it usually means the player is not play smart or he/she cannot read the defense. Turnovers will happen but try to reduce it.

Ways to improve turnovers is do a overload drills to build strength and speed. Use the two ball passing Another drill is forcing a player using one-hand to pass the ball.  Also you would want to space the floors because you can have more to work with. Furthermore, always make the easy pass, don’t go for hard ones. In other words, pass the ball once you see someone open. After you would want to emphasize the pass. We would like the pass to be always perfect, we all know that will not be the case. The receiver must go to the ball when it comes towards him. Last, practice scrimmage without dribbling. This will teach players more about spacing, passing angles, getting open, and making effective passes.


In basketball you need to be aware of whats happening on the court. As I said previously in my other blog post, you need to analyze the opposing team. If you are not aware, then you will most likely cause many turnovers which will make your team lose. Today I had a basketball game against Trabuco Hills High School. Unfortunately we lost because our team wasn’t aware of their surroundings and we literally gave the ball to the other team to score. We caused many turnovers in the game, we gave up many rebounds, and we didn’t hustle. You always want to keep your head up and see you teammates weaknesses. Lastly, my coach always says, “Play Smart.”

Relating this to a book called Tale of Two Cities, you need to be aware of whats happening in the book because this book is really challenging to read. You can’t doze off because you will not know whats happening in the book. You need to concentrate and focus to understand the book.

       dribbling skills

           Dribbling skills are essential in a basketball game because it can increase your level of confidence. When I was in the seventh grade, I was point guard and my job was to dribble the ball up the court. Unfortunately, by the end of the game, I had 10 turnovers. I then realized that I needed to practice my dribbling skills, so I did. Day in and day out, I would dribble the ball until it became second nature to me. Now, I am more confident dribbling up the court, no matter how intimidating the opponent is. Athletes don’t just become phenomenal ball-handlers like Derrick Rose or Chris Paul; they have to put in the effort and practice everyday. You can try different dribbling skills that will help you. If you go to the YouTube video at the bottom of this post you will see the different kinds of dribbling drills in order to improve your hand eye coordination. During practice, you will always want to try new dribbling moves before you put them to the test in any game. The last thing you want is your coach to get mad at you for trying some outrageous dribble and turning the ball over.

In the movie The Guru of Go, the character named Hank was a fantastic basketball player who died because of heart complications. Before he died, he was the best overall player in the league. He had the best dribbling skills, best shooter, etc. The reason for why he was so good was because he practiced everyday to have the best dribbling skills. Hank gave the best effort and never gave up.