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In the game of basketball, sharing is caring, and this will allow any group of individuals to succeed against any single player. A team cannot win continuously if one person ball hogs the whole game. Yes, an individual player may be able to win one or two games if they have an extremely good shooting night, but the odds are against that situation. A team with chemistry, like the San Antonio Spurs, have proven this mentality for over a decade. A teammate can’t be selfish or jealous of another player. Teammates need to embrace their individual roles, and know when to pass, or when to shoot the ball. There is a reason why none of the starters on the Spurs team won any individual regular season awards this season, because each one of them is their teams’ MVP at any given night. On my basketball team, we had a player who was always mad whenever he didn’t score much, even when we won the game. In the locker room we were all always joyous about the win and we embraced the winning of the games; however, this teammate for some reason didn’t like that he didn’t score 15/20 points a game. As a result, eventually our coach noticed his negative attitude, and dismissed him from the team. It is essential that all teammates get along, and in order to increase team chemistry, team outings/social events are a must. As a result, the chemistry will increase, and everyone will trust each other more on the basketball court.

Our project for school was an innovation project. My brother and I built a little free library book booth. Here is a link to see what we built, or just scroll down to see what our final project looked like. Its called FV Book Booth and the purpose was for other students to leave a book behind and take one. And the process keeps repeating. If they needed a book, but don’t have one, they take one, but later they have to put one back. It took about three months of continuous team work to accomplish this perfect project. I worked on this project every day after school, and long hours every weekend weekend and it was really fun. I learned many new things, such as how to properly use a hammer and nail, how to secure blocks of wood together, and how to provide the necessary stability using only wood and nails. Immediately I noticed how difficult this process really was. Its actually hard to do because if you screw it to fast, then the nail will burn and it won’t go into the wood. I also learned how to design the project by actually drawing it on the piece of paper. It was a lot easier than going in blind handed, and just guessing throughout the process. My brother and I knew it would be difficult; however, we acted as a team and supported each other every step of the way. It was painful and sometimes I felt like giving up, but at the end, the hard work paid off. Everybody at school really loved our project and later on, the project changed the culture of the school. I was really proud of our innovation project and I hope to build more in the future.



This sharing is caring video at the bottom is about PS4, but it also relates to other things in life too. 





Lets start off with how one should act when amongst one’s teammates. In practice, you should be giving Hi-fives, (more…)

rewarding_careers_8082502-655x280         In basketball you always want to reward your fellow teammates when they do something that helps your team. For example when they give you a perfect pass and you score. You should reward them by saying “Good Pass.” Not only you should reward your own teammates, but also motivate them to do better. When they have a bad game, try to cheer them up by saying, “It’s ok, you will do better next time.” Motivating and rewarding your teammates will make your team chemistry increase and you will see a difference in your games. Teammates should not be the only ones to motivate their teammates, coaches should always motivate his/her team.

I was in a twitter chat a week ago, and when someone posted something I always retweeted and favorited, even though I didn’t even like the post. I just reward them, so they can be happy.


In basketball everyone has a role to do for example a play everyone has a role to do to make the show really good. The coach gives everyone a number from 1 to 5, and usually the one is point guard. His role is to pass the ball and maybe shoot threes if he can shoot. The two and the three man are the shooters, they are basically shooting and pump-faking to drive-in. The four and five man are usually big man and post up to score. These five members have a role to do and they have to abide to it. Each member is giving something to their team for example the have to do what their position is meant for. In my basketball team, if we don’t do what we are suppose to do, the coach right away takes us out. (more…)