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Forget about the past

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Answering Back

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       In Basketball answering back is really important. If the enemy team scores on you. You will want to answer back because they wont get a huge lead on you. For example, the two teams are tied and the other team scores. Now they are up by 2. Now the the team that has the ball needs yo score to keep it tie again, if they don’t the other team that is up by two has a opportunity to score again and bring the lead to 4.

             This applies to school because if a teacher asked you a question, you want to think of a proper answer to answer back.

     Dexter Strickland, J.P. Primm, Quinard Jackson   In the tale of two cites, The Royals doesn’t notice the peasants suffering (Defense). Then the royals end up getting killed.

         A turnover in basketball is when the opposing team gains possession of the ball from the team originally in possession of the ball. This can be done by a pass being intercepted, a pass being stolen, or offensive foul.

In basketball a lot of players get turnovers and coaches hate it. When a turnover happens it usually means the player is not play smart or he/she cannot read the defense. Turnovers will happen but try to reduce it.

Ways to improve turnovers is do a overload drills to build strength and speed. Use the two ball passing Another drill is forcing a player using one-hand to pass the ball.  Also you would want to space the floors because you can have more to work with. Furthermore, always make the easy pass, don’t go for hard ones. In other words, pass the ball once you see someone open. After you would want to emphasize the pass. We would like the pass to be always perfect, we all know that will not be the case. The receiver must go to the ball when it comes towards him. Last, practice scrimmage without dribbling. This will teach players more about spacing, passing angles, getting open, and making effective passes.

Pep Talk

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PEP-TALK-ep21If you want your team to win, you want to give a motivational speech before a game. It doesn’t have to be all crazy. It can be as sample as, “No guts, no glory.” When trying to do a pep talk, you have to decide whether or not the big event coming up requires a pep talk. Then, you will need a place alone where you can give your speech. Then think about confidence phrases such as, “Eye of the tiger.” Furthermore, treat your self as a boxer trainer giving a pep talk to a boxer that is about to box. Then think of something funny to lighten the mood. After, think of events in which you overcame that was difficult. Once you feel no longer scared or anxious warp it up and get ready to play your game.

We’re in a battle for our lives for things that really matter to us. There’s a shell game going on like I’ve never seen before.” -John Kerry

This is a famous quote by the senator. This quote basically means that we are fighting for something we care about and we have never seen them fight before.

In the tale of two cities, Defarge is the leader of the group and wants to storm the Bastille. He give a pep talk before they attack, so they can get motivated.

  iStock_000004996421XSmall - Goals

There is three ways in achieving your goals. First, have a game plan. Everybody can set goals, but not everyone can attain them. For example, say to your self that you are going to do 50 pushups every night, thats a game plan.

Second, avoid distractions from other things. There is going to be someone in your life that will prevent you from your goal. Such as people trying to bring you down. Just ignore them and tell yourself “I can do it.” Furthermore, when you set your goal be determined to achieve your goal.

Third, always stay positive. It is easy to get down on ourselves if we didn’t follow our game plan 100% or if we missed a targeted set for our goal. If you say to ourselves that you will shoot 70% from the three point range by the end of the season and you don’t get there by the end of the season. That means you shouldn’t give up, just keep on trying and you will get there.

“If we don’t start, it’s certain we can’t arrive.” – Zig Ziglar

My goal is to read three chapters a day in the book Tale of Two Cities. Also, I am trying to finish it in 2 weeks. To complete this goal I need to say to myself, “I need to finish.”




           The Captains job is usually analyzing the opposing team. This will help your teammates out a lot. For example, the captain can go watch the team that they will play and analyze the players, so when it comes to there game they are ready. This can boost your chance of beating them because you would all ready know if someone on that team likes shooting or dribbling etc.. This will also help your team not being scared playing them and the team can be confident that they will win.

              Coaches also do this too. They are called scouts. The scouts usually goes and watches the game of a particular player that they will like him to play for there college basketball team. If the scouts like what they see, the scouts will probably give him a scholarship to there college. This applies to all sports.

In school We read “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens. Our class had to analyze the first paragraph of the first chapter called “The Period.” When we were done analyzing we had to go up the board and show our teacher what we had noticed inside the paragraph. Analyzing things applies to everything, so get good at it; you will need it in life.