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In basketball every team needs teamwork to win championships. One player can’t win by him or herself. They need the team ti help. My coach had a saying that a fist makes a team and the fingers make up the players. You you make  fist, no team can break it apart because of how much chemistry you have. Also being a selfish player will never bring you far in life. You want to share the ball with your teammates. Think of others as yourself, like treat them like a team instead of yourself.

In a samurai movie, the villagers were being attacked by barbarians. They stood together like a fist and built walls to protect themselves and prepared for the worst. They cooperated with each other and the end they fought off the invaders. Even during harvest season, the village, mostly girls worked with each other to pick up all the wheat from the ground. Here is a video of top 10 teamwork plays of 2009.



In Basketball, there are always momentum shifts that help you win the game. The momentum shift are the home court advantage, Four point plays, fast break dunks, and blocks. 

Playing in your home court always makes you have an advantage in basketball because more people are cheering and the fans are distracting the other team when shooting free throw. When playing on your home court, you want to take an advantage of it because 90 percent of the time you will win in home games. The crowd always yells, “Defense!” towards the end of the game. This helps the team go hard and to steal the ball. Lastly, cheering makes the players on the court more pumped up to score and as I said before it makes you work harder.

Next are the four point plays. A four point play is when a player shoots at the three line, makes it, gets fouled, and then makes the free throw. That is really a momentum shift in basketball because it pumps you up for the next play like a steal. If its not at your home court, the cheering won’t be as loud but your teammates in the bench would be fired up by motivating the players on the court. That also makes a person want to play harder. Here is a video of a four point play.

Another momentum shift in basketball is fast break dunks. When you steal the ball and dunk it, as i said before makes you pumped for the next play. After getting that dunk will make you si much happier of the game. Also getting a block and then stealing it will most likely change the momentum shift. Changing the momentum in basketball is crucial because you could be down by ten. That momentum shift will cause your team to be pumped up and ready to work harder. Here is another video of a fast break dunk.




rewarding_careers_8082502-655x280         In basketball you always want to reward your fellow teammates when they do something that helps your team. For example when they give you a perfect pass and you score. You should reward them by saying “Good Pass.” Not only you should reward your own teammates, but also motivate them to do better. When they have a bad game, try to cheer them up by saying, “It’s ok, you will do better next time.” Motivating and rewarding your teammates will make your team chemistry increase and you will see a difference in your games. Teammates should not be the only ones to motivate their teammates, coaches should always motivate his/her team.

I was in a twitter chat a week ago, and when someone posted something I always retweeted and favorited, even though I didn’t even like the post. I just reward them, so they can be happy.


In basketball everyone has a role to do for example a play everyone has a role to do to make the show really good. The coach gives everyone a number from 1 to 5, and usually the one is point guard. His role is to pass the ball and maybe shoot threes if he can shoot. The two and the three man are the shooters, they are basically shooting and pump-faking to drive-in. The four and five man are usually big man and post up to score. These five members have a role to do and they have to abide to it. Each member is giving something to their team for example the have to do what their position is meant for. In my basketball team, if we don’t do what we are suppose to do, the coach right away takes us out. (more…)