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In Basketball, there are always momentum shifts that help you win the game. The momentum shift are the home court advantage, Four point plays, fast break dunks, and blocks. 

Playing in your home court always makes you have an advantage in basketball because more people are cheering and the fans are distracting the other team when shooting free throw. When playing on your home court, you want to take an advantage of it because 90 percent of the time you will win in home games. The crowd always yells, “Defense!” towards the end of the game. This helps the team go hard and to steal the ball. Lastly, cheering makes the players on the court more pumped up to score and as I said before it makes you work harder.

Next are the four point plays. A four point play is when a player shoots at the three line, makes it, gets fouled, and then makes the free throw. That is really a momentum shift in basketball because it pumps you up for the next play like a steal. If its not at your home court, the cheering won’t be as loud but your teammates in the bench would be fired up by motivating the players on the court. That also makes a person want to play harder. Here is a video of a four point play.

Another momentum shift in basketball is fast break dunks. When you steal the ball and dunk it, as i said before makes you pumped for the next play. After getting that dunk will make you si much happier of the game. Also getting a block and then stealing it will most likely change the momentum shift. Changing the momentum in basketball is crucial because you could be down by ten. That momentum shift will cause your team to be pumped up and ready to work harder. Here is another video of a fast break dunk.