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In basketball every team needs teamwork to win championships. One player can’t win by him or herself. They need the team ti help. My coach had a saying that a fist makes a team and the fingers make up the players. You you make  fist, no team can break it apart because of how much chemistry you have. Also being a selfish player will never bring you far in life. You want to share the ball with your teammates. Think of others as yourself, like treat them like a team instead of yourself.

In a samurai movie, the villagers were being attacked by barbarians. They stood together like a fist and built walls to protect themselves and prepared for the worst. They cooperated with each other and the end they fought off the invaders. Even during harvest season, the village, mostly girls worked with each other to pick up all the wheat from the ground. Here is a video of top 10 teamwork plays of 2009.



In Basketball, there are always momentum shifts that help you win the game. The momentum shift are the home court advantage, Four point plays, fast break dunks, and blocks. 

Playing in your home court always makes you have an advantage in basketball because more people are cheering and the fans are distracting the other team when shooting free throw. When playing on your home court, you want to take an advantage of it because 90 percent of the time you will win in home games. The crowd always yells, “Defense!” towards the end of the game. This helps the team go hard and to steal the ball. Lastly, cheering makes the players on the court more pumped up to score and as I said before it makes you work harder.

Next are the four point plays. A four point play is when a player shoots at the three line, makes it, gets fouled, and then makes the free throw. That is really a momentum shift in basketball because it pumps you up for the next play like a steal. If its not at your home court, the cheering won’t be as loud but your teammates in the bench would be fired up by motivating the players on the court. That also makes a person want to play harder. Here is a video of a four point play.

Another momentum shift in basketball is fast break dunks. When you steal the ball and dunk it, as i said before makes you pumped for the next play. After getting that dunk will make you si much happier of the game. Also getting a block and then stealing it will most likely change the momentum shift. Changing the momentum in basketball is crucial because you could be down by ten. That momentum shift will cause your team to be pumped up and ready to work harder. Here is another video of a fast break dunk.



“Its part of my game, getting to the free-throw line and being aggressive. If you say that I get superstar calls or I get babied by the refs, that’s just taking away from how I play. That’s disrespectful to me. “
-Kevin Durant.








In my school, defensive stances are really important. Defensive creates the offensive. That is what my coach always said. In defensive stances, you always want to be lower than your opponent because you can be quick and fast. Secondly, you want to have a straight back when defending because your back will start aching. Lastly, when defending you want force your opponent to base line or to a side where there are help. If you are defending on the top, force the player to the side where he is weakest. For example if he is a righty, force him to the left and vice a versa.







In basketball you always want to prepare ahead of time because you don’t know what team you are going to face. Even though you might have played a team previously and won, you still need to prepare in order to have the right mindset. Preparing before a game doesn’t mean a day before, it means that you prepare while you are at practice a week in advance. There are many ways to prepare for your opponent. For example, listening to your coach, knowing all your plays, going hard, and always focusing. Additionally, you should be reviewing all the plays with your teammates daily, so that everyone knows their role come game day. Besides the on court preparation, any athlete should also eat healthy things that will give them energy for the next day. These foods include high protein and carbohydrate contents such as, bananas, eggs, spaghetti, pasta, fruits, and vegetables. By doing all these things before your next game, you will see a difference in your performance in any sport.

Not only you need to prepare for a basketball game, but also you need to prepare before a test. A week before winter break, we had an English test and that we had to prepare for because it was going to be very difficult. Our test was on Tale of Two Cities. Obviously, we had to prepare for this test week before because we needed to read the book and take thorough notes. Each day I would re-read as much as possible, while taking extensive notes, and then going over my notes continuously. This approach to a difficult exam could be applied to any situation in life. In life you need to prepare for many things, for example weeding days, going to college, getting a job, etc. If you prepare many months before you will be more likely to succeed in your endeavors.


My coach always says to play smart when you play basketball. He wants us to look up and look for open players and to drive in to ruin the opposing defense. Our team listened to him and we won two game in a row. Playing smart also means to take care of the ball and not to throw the ball to the the opposing team when you are in pressure. If you team starts to play smart, you will see a difference in your team.

In Tale of Two Cities, Defarge is the leader of the group when he storms the Bastille. Before, he storms it, he and his wife planned out everything. He planned to go to 105 North tower to kill a man, and he even went so specific to name the cell number. Defarge played smart instead of searching every cell, he chose the cell he wanted and went after it.