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In my school, defensive stances are really important. Defensive creates the offensive. That is what my coach always said. In defensive stances, you always want to be lower than your opponent because you can be quick and fast. Secondly, you want to have a straight back when defending because your back will start aching. Lastly, when defending you want force your opponent to base line or to a side where there are help. If you are defending on the top, force the player to the side where he is weakest. For example if he is a righty, force him to the left and vice a versa.




First of all, to become a good team player, you need good attitude and sportsmanship. You always want to give positive feedback to your teammates because that will boost your friendship with them. It will make your teammates more comfortable around you and they will be more confident to shoot the next time or dribble up the court. Another way to become a good team player is to have team outings for example going to the movies or hang out at the mall. Finally, you always want to be ready to play a game or practice, so your teammates can be the same level excitement as you.



Lets start off with how one should act when amongst one’s teammates. In practice, you should be giving Hi-fives, (more…)


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Forget about the past

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Forget-Past (more…)


In basketball you always want to prepare ahead of time because you don’t know what team you are going to face. Even though you might have played a team previously and won, you still need to prepare in order to have the right mindset. Preparing before a game doesn’t mean a day before, it means that you prepare while you are at practice a week in advance. There are many ways to prepare for your opponent. For example, listening to your coach, knowing all your plays, going hard, and always focusing. Additionally, you should be reviewing all the plays with your teammates daily, so that everyone knows their role come game day. Besides the on court preparation, any athlete should also eat healthy things that will give them energy for the next day. These foods include high protein and carbohydrate contents such as, bananas, eggs, spaghetti, pasta, fruits, and vegetables. By doing all these things before your next game, you will see a difference in your performance in any sport.

Not only you need to prepare for a basketball game, but also you need to prepare before a test. A week before winter break, we had an English test and that we had to prepare for because it was going to be very difficult. Our test was on Tale of Two Cities. Obviously, we had to prepare for this test week before because we needed to read the book and take thorough notes. Each day I would re-read as much as possible, while taking extensive notes, and then going over my notes continuously. This approach to a difficult exam could be applied to any situation in life. In life you need to prepare for many things, for example weeding days, going to college, getting a job, etc. If you prepare many months before you will be more likely to succeed in your endeavors.


Answering Back

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       In Basketball answering back is really important. If the enemy team scores on you. You will want to answer back because they wont get a huge lead on you. For example, the two teams are tied and the other team scores. Now they are up by 2. Now the the team that has the ball needs yo score to keep it tie again, if they don’t the other team that is up by two has a opportunity to score again and bring the lead to 4.

             This applies to school because if a teacher asked you a question, you want to think of a proper answer to answer back.