NBA Playoffs

Posted: April 8, 2014 in Basketball
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In the NBA, the playoffs are starting, so this means the teams need to work hard and tough in order to make it to the finals. So far, I can see that the Oklahoma City are playing really well with each other and they are going hard because they want that ring. Whoever wants it the most will get that ring. Also, I see that the San Antonio Spurs are playing really well like always because they have good team chemistry. It is all about how much effort you put into this and if you are willing to work hard.

For my English class, we had to do an innovation project. We built a birdhouse that looks like a house and instead of birds going in, we put books. The purpose of this was to test our school trust and honesty. If you take and book, then you need to leave a book inside. Then the cycle keeps on going. We worked really hard and we put our efforts in it and it came out well. Everyone loves it and I hope this inspires many people in the world.




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