“Its part of my game, getting to the free-throw line and being aggressive. If you say that I get superstar calls or I get babied by the refs, that’s just taking away from how I play. That’s disrespectful to me. “
-Kevin Durant.


This quote by Kevin Durant explains how he should be playing in the NBA, aggressive and getting to the free-throw line. Being aggressive while playing basketball will ultimately lead to becoming a successful basketball player. When being aggressive, you will be able to get to the free throw line to get easy points, you will be able to get more offensive rebounds to get a second chance to score, and you will be able to get more defensive rebounds and steals to prevent the other team from scoring. The reason why coaches preach aggressive play is because this can get you many opportunities to score. To be more specific, the teams’ big men are the ones who need to be the most aggressive, as this is where the teams’ “muscle” is found. They have to play strong and smart. Those positions are essential for a strong basketball team. Not only do the bigs need to play aggressive, but also the guards on the team, so that they can force more steals. The guards need to deny the passing lane and on offense, they need to drive and go up strong.

Even though some people don’t have the muscles to play aggressive, muscles aren’t everything. Aggression is mentality, and much more vital than just muscles. You need the mentality to play aggressive all the time no matter how skilled and how big your opponent is. If you want to work on your muscles and you are a beginner, try to do push-ups everyday doing at least ten. The best time to do pushups is to do them during commercials when watching TV or in between doing homework. If you do this everyday, then you will see improvements.

In English class we watched a movie, but I forget what it was called. The movie was about World War II. I am relating aggressiveness to this movie and World War II because you need to be aggressive and to be confident of yourself. You need patience of course, but when the time comes to attack, you need to be aggressive and not let the enemy see any signs of weakness, or else they would have the advantage over you. To wrap things up, you need to be aggressive when you attack the enemy line during battle and in basketball, when you are driving in to score.



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