Defend like LeBron

Posted: March 18, 2014 in Basketball
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LeBron James is the best defender in basketball right now. Also, he also might get the Best defensive player award at the end of this season. He averages about two steals a game and one block a game. This is really good for a power forward. LeBron is known for his block from behind. He would chase a defender from behind, without the player noticing he is behind him. Then the player would go for a layup and out of now where LeBron gets the amazing block. This is called the chase down block.

Now, some tips on how to become a better defender. First, always keep your feet wide apart this allows to not trip on your self while shuffling your feet. Always keep your legs bent, it is like sitting on a chair. Furthermore, always look at the player not the ball because a good ball handler would cross you over if you looked at the ball. Also, have active hands, such as jabbing at the ball, filling passing lanes, and face guarding. This is the number one tip, ALWAYS BOX OUT! You will hear your coach say this a billion times, your job as a defensive rebounder is that do not let your man get the rebound. Lastly, never look away from the guy you are guarding because  they will probably back cut you and get a free layup. Just keep a good angle where you can see the ball and your man.


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