Many people play basketball without the knowledge of how basketball was originally created, or how it came about. Basketball was invented by a man named James Naismith in 1891. It was first started with thirteen basic rules, which laid the foundation for the sport. People say that he created these rules in about an hour and most of them are applied to basketball today. You can check the rules at the bottom of this bottom in a youtube video.  The objective of this game was to throw/toss the basketball into peach baskets, where it was nailed to the lower railing of the gym balcony. Later, after a person scores the janitor needs to stop the game and he grabs a ladder to grab the basketball.  At first, they did not use basketballs; they used soccer balls, which are much lighter. The first public basketball game was played in Springfield, MA, on March 11, 1892. Instead of five versus five, it was nine versus nine and the game rapidly spread nationwide, then to Canada and other parts of the world. It was played by both women and men; it also became a popular informal outdoor game. Even during World War II, people in the army played the game of basketball and they ultimately passed it on to people in Europe and other Asian countries.



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