In the game of basketball, different people have different positions that they play. Coaches want you to excel at that position because you are needed for that spot. For example, if are a good shooter; you need to excel at that spot, so you can make your coach proud, even if you are subbed into the game for the final few seconds when the game is close. Your team is counting on you no matter which position you play, and especially at the end of a close game. To make sure you excel at the position you play, always practice and put in the time to become an expert at that position. After practice, re-do all the things that the coach went over so you can get better at it.  Also, after practice, shoot around if you’re a shooter or dribble if you are a point guard. If you are a post player, practice various moves, and work on your rebounding. Here are some traits for you to always practice and excel on in your position. First is physical toughness. When coach puts you in the game, you need to be prepared to play aggressive and go hard. Next is intelligence. While you are going hard and playing aggressive, you need to play smart and make good passes/shots, and be aware of everyone on the court at all times. Lastly, is mental toughness.  After you do all this and the coach subs you out, you need to have a strong mental mind because this is what holds you back from you becoming a star.  Players who tend to put a game behind them and move on to the next game, they tend perform more consistently than those who dwell on mistakes and poor plays. We all make mistakes, and there are plenty of chances in a game to capitalize and make your coach proud.

At school my friends and I are doing an innovation project on a book booth birdhouse somewhat similar to liitlefreelibrary. There is a picture at the bottom that will look like ours when we build it. Relating this to basketball, each person has a spot to fulfill.  For example someone has to buy all the wood and the supplies, another person records the process of building, and another person will paint it when we are all finished. This quote by Eddie Robinson explains your will to succeed in life. “The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.”



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