How to Create Space off the Dribble

Posted: February 25, 2014 in Basketball
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There are three ways to creating space off the dribble.

Step One:

Step one is to simply go fast north and south. Your goal is to go right towards the basket and make the defender believe that you’re driving in for a lay-up. A hard, quick move to the basket will cause the defender to turn his hips to sprint in an attempt to cut you off. Meanwhile, you quickly stop and pop up a shot as he flies by. This move is simple, but very effective.

Step Two:

Begin the same way on step one, but make a quick dribble move such as going between the legs or behind the back, or a simple cross over. Note: You won’t be able to get to step two if you don’t perform step one at full speed.

Step Three:

Perform steps one and two, and as the defender works to recover to contest your shot, take a hard look at the basket. You want to make your opponent think you are going to shoot, then quickly change directions and go around the defender, to hit a pull-up jumper or drive it in for a simple layup.

This video will show you what these moves look like when you put all the steps together.


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