How to become a Good Team Player.

Posted: February 10, 2014 in Uncategorized
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First of all, to become a good team player, you need good attitude and sportsmanship. You always want to give positive feedback to your teammates because that will boost your friendship with them. It will make your teammates more comfortable around you and they will be more confident to shoot the next time or dribble up the court. Another way to become a good team player is to have team outings for example going to the movies or hang out at the mall. Finally, you always want to be ready to play a game or practice, so your teammates can be the same level excitement as you.

Characteristics to a good leader:

  • Good Communicator– Your willing to ask questions, learn form your mistakes, and lead to the right direction.
  • Rewarding– When your teammates does a good pass to you, you want to acknowledge that pass by saying, “Good Pass.”
  • Initiative– You always want to take blame for your actions, and work hard next time to perfect what you have done wrong. For example: “My Fault, Bad Pass.”
  • Respectful– When you treat people with respect, you will ultimately earn respect.

  1. Great post and awesome video. You hit the spot on leadership. Also leaders pull their team through when everything looks bleak. That is a true test of a leader.

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