Nervousness Before a Game

Posted: February 8, 2014 in Basketball
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Everybody gets nervous; it’s built in our system. Even the president, who we expect to be calm and composed when he gives speeches in front of America, has butterflies and is nervous before. He just doesn’t show it because he has been practicing his entire life. This is the same phenomenon that occurs in a basketball game. Before any game or before a really important game, like a championship game, players get nervous. This can be related to the president. He practices and rehearses is words so that it comes out fluid and in sync. So if your team has been practicing and going hard in every practice then they will be ready. The only thing that is holding you back is your mental thoughts; it is all a mind game when it comes to sports. The only obstacle is over coming the mental aspect and just bringing your best effort, and the rest will take care of itself. Last Friday, we had a really important game against Los Alamitos High School. Most our teammates were really nervous and angry at the fact that they had beat us before. We were hyped up and ready to go. Our team was up eight points in the third quarter and we thought we were going to get an easy win, but suddenly this became a thing of the past. The opposing team started to shoot threes and they caught up in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, we lost the game. I think we lost this game because we were nervous and at the same time sacred that if we did something wrong, that our coach would yell and be upset at us.

Being nervous doesn’t only apply to basketball, but to life in general. People get nervous before a final test or taking an important exam like the SAT. Being nervous is a mental state of mind and it can be controlled if people practice everyday. My Spanish teacher told our entire class a technique to control nervousness before a test. He told us to sit up straight and put our feet flat on the floor and to breathe in and out slowly. I tried it, and it worked. I was more relaxed and I wasn’t getting sweating palms. I felt confident, and as a result I got a really good score on that test.  Just last week, we had finals and everybody was nervous for our English presentation. I just used the technique that my teacher told us to do and it worked, I did not feel nervous going up, and I felt poised and ready. To add upon what my teacher taught me, I also rehearsed a lot in order to not stumble over my words. I practiced my speech skills while talking in front of the mirror and watching myself. Looks like practice does make a difference; well it does for me anyways. Everybody in life gets nervous, but you are the one who can control it. You just need to practice and practice until you get it just right or when you find your technique to remain calm.


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