FIve Man Break – Andy Enfield

Posted: February 4, 2014 in Basketball
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The five man break is a really fast past play. You have to be in shape to do this. A lot of college basketball teams do this. My high school varsity coach does this and basically our whole program does this. The five man inbounds to the point guard and the two man is already running wide on the right side and the three man is running wide also on the left side. Also the four man is running on the right towards the rim for the pass and the five man is trailing the left side of the point guard. This fast break is really effective if then other team is slow and lazy.

Andy Enfield used this fast break and won the NCAA tournament. This drill took down georgetown and San Diego in the first two rounds. This fast break is unstoppable if you have best five guys on the court

The movie the Guru of Go. The coach from loyola university used this fast break and won the title. One of the players on the team named Hank died right after he took he last alley hoop dunk from half-court. He collapse and his heart stopped.


  1. mikaila says:

    Varsity Girl’s Basketball does this too! Since we aren’t that big we rely on our quickness for fast break opportunities! 🙂

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