Rewarding Your Teammates

Posted: January 4, 2014 in Uncategorized
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rewarding_careers_8082502-655x280         In basketball you always want to reward your fellow teammates when they do something that helps your team. For example when they give you a perfect pass and you score. You should reward them by saying “Good Pass.” Not only you should reward your own teammates, but also motivate them to do better. When they have a bad game, try to cheer them up by saying, “It’s ok, you will do better next time.” Motivating and rewarding your teammates will make your team chemistry increase and you will see a difference in your games. Teammates should not be the only ones to motivate their teammates, coaches should always motivate his/her team.

I was in a twitter chat a week ago, and when someone posted something I always retweeted and favorited, even though I didn’t even like the post. I just reward them, so they can be happy.


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