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     Dexter Strickland, J.P. Primm, Quinard Jackson   In the tale of two cites, The Royals doesn’t notice the peasants suffering (Defense). Then the royals end up getting killed.

         A turnover in basketball is when the opposing team gains possession of the ball from the team originally in possession of the ball. This can be done by a pass being intercepted, a pass being stolen, or offensive foul.

In basketball a lot of players get turnovers and coaches hate it. When a turnover happens it usually means the player is not play smart or he/she cannot read the defense. Turnovers will happen but try to reduce it.

Ways to improve turnovers is do a overload drills to build strength and speed. Use the two ball passing Another drill is forcing a player using one-hand to pass the ball.  Also you would want to space the floors because you can have more to work with. Furthermore, always make the easy pass, don’t go for hard ones. In other words, pass the ball once you see someone open. After you would want to emphasize the pass. We would like the pass to be always perfect, we all know that will not be the case. The receiver must go to the ball when it comes towards him. Last, practice scrimmage without dribbling. This will teach players more about spacing, passing angles, getting open, and making effective passes.


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