For my basketball team, rebounding basically  makes our team lose. We have some tall guys, but they don’t rebound. You can see a difference if your team does not rebound. Rebounding is so critical because If you get defensive rebound, you are preventing the other team to get a second time to score. If you get an offensive rebound, you are making your team get a second chance to score.

To get a rebound you need to box out. There is a video at the bottom if you don’t know how to box out correctly. This is critical because, If you don’t your opponents will have a second chance to score, which you don’t want. Secondly, you need to be very aggressive when you go up to get the rebound because from every angles, there will be people slapping the ball. You need hold the ball really tight and hold it up to your chin.

In Tale of Two Cities, when the women march down to Versailles, to get bread, they are very aggressive. They do anything they can to get bread and in fact they went inside the royal house and killed the guards. You need to be that aggressive when you get a rebound, but just don’t kill people for it.

  1. mikaila says:

    Yes! Rebounding is very important in every game and it can be the difference between winning and losing. If everyone works together to get the ball, it can be easy. However, more often than not, It is just one or two people boxing out against three or four people from the other team. (trust me i know!) For me, rebounding is getting a second chance, a second turn to score and change the momentum of the game. Love the video as well! 🙂

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