Pep Talk

Posted: December 15, 2013 in Uncategorized
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PEP-TALK-ep21If you want your team to win, you want to give a motivational speech before a game. It doesn’t have to be all crazy. It can be as sample as, “No guts, no glory.” When trying to do a pep talk, you have to decide whether or not the big event coming up requires a pep talk. Then, you will need a place alone where you can give your speech. Then think about confidence phrases such as, “Eye of the tiger.” Furthermore, treat your self as a boxer trainer giving a pep talk to a boxer that is about to box. Then think of something funny to lighten the mood. After, think of events in which you overcame that was difficult. Once you feel no longer scared or anxious warp it up and get ready to play your game.

We’re in a battle for our lives for things that really matter to us. There’s a shell game going on like I’ve never seen before.” -John Kerry

This is a famous quote by the senator. This quote basically means that we are fighting for something we care about and we have never seen them fight before.

In the tale of two cities, Defarge is the leader of the group and wants to storm the Bastille. He give a pep talk before they attack, so they can get motivated.


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