In basketball everyone has a role to do for example a play everyone has a role to do to make the show really good. The coach gives everyone a number from 1 to 5, and usually the one is point guard. His role is to pass the ball and maybe shoot threes if he can shoot. The two and the three man are the shooters, they are basically shooting and pump-faking to drive-in. The four and five man are usually big man and post up to score. These five members have a role to do and they have to abide to it. Each member is giving something to their team for example the have to do what their position is meant for. In my basketball team, if we don’t do what we are suppose to do, the coach right away takes us out.

In a movie called, “Hoosiers,” their is a coach that comes and at is hated at the beginning, but later on people start to like him. This coach was hated because he kicked out many people off the team, the team kept losing, and changed how the team originally played. I think this coach gave something to the team which is unselfishness. Originally the team was really selfish and shot ever time when they were at the three point line.

Not only in basketball you need to give, but in life. For example you need to give to the poor or the countries that need help.


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