As I realized when playing basketball, we had a teammate that always supported us and was always ready to play. This made our team more energetic and excited to practice. We played a lot better and we made less mistakes than usual. Then one day he was absent and our whole team basically fell apart. We didn’t talk and made many mistakes which made us run more. As you can see, one person can make a difference in a team and even in the world

            When you go to practice you want to come with a positive attitude, so everyone can be prepared and excited to practice. People don’t want to be near you if you are always negative and and not fun. As my own experience, you will see a difference in your team if you go to practice with a positive attitude. Not only you need a positive attitude, you need to always call for ball and talk on defense and offense to set an example for a good leadership.

In general, you always want to give something to your community for example new basketball courts. It is like basketball because you are giving them a positive attitude and helping them improve. I’m making a Book Booth for school so students can get books for free and they can exchange books with other people. It is like the one in New York which was made by LittleFreeLibraries. My goal is to make students engage in their reading and to spread that to other students in the world. We are going to document this whole thing with a youtube video, so everyone can see and copy us.

Overall, giving to the community is like giving something to your teammates in basketball because either way your helping someone or a team to be successful in the future.


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