Crossover like Iverson

Posted: November 11, 2013 in Uncategorized
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        The crossover is an essential to any basketball player. Although the guard need it the most, knowing it gives you an extra bonus. The crossover helps you to get away from the defender. To achieve a crossover, you need to push the ball to one side to make the defender into committing their forward momentum in that direction and then make a huge lunge into space. This is also known as the “Anklebreaker.”

The creator of the crossover was Allen Iverson. When he entered the NBA League, know one could even guard because of his killer crossover. He uses it so much that the referee started to call carryover.

When doing this move during the game, try to make it different every time you do it. So you can sell every time  and you can get more opportunities in scoring. This relates to an innovator because and innovator makes new things on the way to discovery.

Before doing a crossover, you need to setup the defender. With the ball on your dominant hand. When you do that you want to point at one direction and quickly switch hands make the defender going the other way.


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