Shoot like Ray Allen

Posted: November 3, 2013 in Uncategorized
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      Everybody who plays basketball need some sort of shooting skills. To become a good basketball shooter is to practice a lot. For example, Shoot 30 times in one spot and then move on. Having this skill will help your team with the game and maybe scoring the final shot, that wins the game. One time in a game my shots were 5/35. This was really bad and I was disappointed in myself and I let my team down. I started to practice a lot; I shot 50 shots on one spot and moved on. By the end of the day I was automatic from everywhere. The next time I had a game, I shot 25/30 and we won the game. I was really proud not cause we won but how much I have practiced my shooting.

This relates to this movie called “Guru of Go.” In the movie Hank was the best basketball player in the league. He got there by practicing a lot such as shooting 50 times in one spot and then moves on. During a game his teammate throws an alley-loop from half-court to hank. After Hank dunked it, he collapses and dies. So always play hard like its your last shot.


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