Working Together

Posted: October 30, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Working together is the key thing for winning a basketball game. Also this relates to something we did in class today.  We had to write a topic that our teacher told us to write. We then switched papers with the person sitting next to us, so that they could proofread it. After we got into groups of 3 or 4, we worked together to find the best paragraph. Additionally, we had to work together in order to fix grammar, spelling mistakes, punctuation, and sentence fragments. We worked as together as a team.


“You don’t play against opponents; you play against the game of basketball.” – Bobby Knight


This is a famous quote by Bobby Knight. He was a famous college basketball coach for the University of Indiana.  During the 1975-76 seasons, this was the year he lead his team to the outstanding record of 32-0, and also won the NCAA championship that year. To me, this quote symbolizes the idea that basketball isn’t preparing for individual opponents, but rather, it is preparing for the game of basketball itself. Essentially, I see this quote as a motivational factor to athletes telling them that is isn’t about your opponent, it is about the entirety of the sport.

The only way in winning a game is teamwork and helping each other. If one of your teammates is having a bad day, then encourage them and make them feel better. Creating a bond with your teammates doesn’t only come from the court; it also comes from creating a genuine friendship with them off the court and in everyday life.

  1. tigerfam1 says:

    I agree a lot with your writings, But I find the difficulty in groups when differences between the individuals occur. Our writing group had a hard time deciding the best paragraph because of each individual’s ego and pride. I find ego and pride to be the best killers to a group and I feel its important to get those things out of the way if we truly want to work together. And the same pertains to basketball.

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