The number one rule in basketball is to have good sportsmanship because that is how our team is evaluated. You don’t want your team to have a bad reputation for example the parents are saying that this team has bad attitude and they have filthy mouths. Sooner or later the team won’t have an audience to cheer them on. A good reputation of your team will not only increase your audience, but also the chemistry of your teammates will increase significantly. One month ago, one of our teammates have been cut of the program because of his horrible sportsmanship. He was the best player on our team and he helped us win our games. We asked the coach “Why?” and he said that he had a bad attitude and a bad sportsmanship, and that is not tolerated in this program.

Good sportsmanship is not only shown in sports, but can also be shown in school. For example the activities and projects that we do in class. Your classmates needs to be courteous to you while he or she is presenting and to be cheerful. No matter how bad the presentation went, your classmates need to be encouraging by saying, “It’s OK, you will do better next time,” There are many ways to be encouraging to your classmates.

Another thing I want to talk to you about sportsmanship is that good sportsmanship and teamwork will lead to winning more championships. All the encouraging by the team, will make your team not want to give up in the last five minutes of the quarter when you are down by five. The team will instead try harder and as I stated in my earlier post, your team will give 110% effort. This quote by Michael Jordan basically summed everything up about winning championships with good teamwork. “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”   Remember, the next time you practice or play a game or when someone presents in front of class, encourage them to make them feel like home, so someone else and can do the same thing for you.


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