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 I see that this relates to Antigone trying to bury his brother Polyneices, because she will do anything until her brother is buried. She will even strive for this goal if it means she gets executed as a result of it. This ambitious personality of Antigone depicts determination because she will do anything in her power, whether it be morally incorrect, to get her own brother buried. Even though this ambitious trait is considered ruthless, nonetheless, it coincides with the idea of never giving up—determination.

In basketball you need perseverance. That means never surrendering to the opposite and rising against all odds.  To succeed in basketball, just like anything else, you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, and something to inspire you. This inspiration should be the catalyst to the fire inside of you.

Nick Vujicic was unfortunately born with no lower leg limbs. Did that stop him? Not one bit. The story about Nick Vujicic inspires people all around the world. He found a way to make everything work. He did things that required the use of his hands, and he perfected this skill. What makes his story so memorable is that Nick participated in things that many would say are impossible to perform, given his limitations.

Another story is about Derek Redmond. Derek was an Olympic runner. While running in a race and holding the first place position, Derek’s speed was phenomenal.  He could have easily shattered the world record, but sadly he injured himself during the race. He was down for a couple minutes but the injury didn’t stop him. After gathering his composure, he stood up and kept limping to the finish-line, while his dad came on the track and helped him finish the race. This showed the definition of determination and how he works hard no matter the situation.

This relates to basketball because you need perseverance and determination to win games and be a successful team.  Having this qualities aren’t only necessary on the court, but must be applied to every day in order for these traits to be carried onto the court. Everything you do in life makes it count. Don’t worry about what others think about you. Who cares if others laugh. Ignore them.  Put your head down, and be a confident and a determined individual who will persevere in any tough situation.


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