Attack MentalityRon Artest Press Conference


In basketball you can’t sit back and relax and wait for the ball to come near you. You need to get the ball and attack the basket in different areas so the defense can get off balance. You can’t wait and call for the ball, you need to make back cuts or screens for your teammate, so you can get open and eventually score. Relating to a crow pecking at a seed because a crow pecks at all directions so the seed can break into many pieces.

“The great defense against the air menace is to attack the enemy’s aircraft as near as possible to their point of departure.” -Winston Churchill

This quote means that a person or team should attack and keep attacking until the end. This quote relates to basketball because a team should attack every chance they have and to be aggressive until the end. This attack mentality will make a successful team, and by the way a passive team will never win a game. Lastly, in a game you will need to have the mentality to score and to believe in yourself. When you catch the ball on offense the first thing you should think is How can I score a basket? or How can I attack the defense? For example, attacking at the corners or at the free throw or at the shoulders. To sum everything up, a good basketball team or player will have the desire to score or a good attack mentality.


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